Know your finance options: a quick guide

Know your finance options: a quick guide

For any entrepreneur, knowing your finance options is key to successful progress.

The chart below shows the financing options your business has at different business stages. Some options are only available to established businesses, whilst others may be open to new startups.

Click the circles on the chart below to find out more about each finance option.

Seed Finance
Angel Finance
Equity crowdfunding
Venture capital
Corporate venture capital
Private equity
IPO/public offering
Start up Loan
Bank loan
Peer to peer lending
Asset-based finance
Leasing & hire purchase
Export or trade finance
Growth finance
What stage is your business at?
Start up - not yet trading
Early stage pre-profit
Ambitious - profitable
Established - stable
Established - stressed
What future plans, challenges or opportunities are most important in your business right now?
Initial funding
Launch product / service / brand
Organic sales growth
Expand into new UK markets or areas
Expand internationally
Invest in new facilities
Refinance / reduce cost of borrowing
Need capital restructuring
Improve cash position
Acquisition plans

Together on the journey

Access to the right kind of finance at every stage in your growth journey enables businesses like yours to invest, grow and create jobs. That’s why the British Business Bank and ICAEW’s Corporate Finance Faculty, and partner organisations representing finance and business, have created the business finance guide.

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The Business Finance Guide

Download our comprehensive guide in PDF format allowing you to print and read at your leisure.