Scale up

From start up to high growth business in 4 years

Veeqo’s Business Finance Journey Four years ago, in a co-working space in Wales, an entrepreneur named Matt Warren had a [Read More]

Making your business more attractive to investors

The benefits of EIS and SEIS Have you ever thought about EIS/SEIS? It could be a great way to appeal [Read More]

The launch of UK Finance

Simplifying access to business finance The expectations of consumers of financial services – whether they are individuals or families, sole [Read More]

Every business is different - A Matter of Life and Debt

Every business is different: A matter of life and debt

On Monday 9th October 2017, a new series launched on BBC1, looking at some of the financial challenges facing people [Read More]

Being the person that never gives up: an entrepreneur’s guide to the first few years

At The Business Finance Guide, we’ve had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with more than our fair share of successful [Read More]


Crowdfunding: from 1783 to today – and why it’s not just for start ups

Crowdfunding is a method to collect many small contributions, by means of an online funding platform, to finance or capitalise [Read More]

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