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About Us

About the Business Finance Guide

“Access to the right form of finance allows companies to invest, grow and create jobs”
– Keith Morgan, CEO, British Business Bank

Growing a business isn’t a straightforward journey from A to B. It’s complex, challenging and often changes.

To continue pushing forward, a business needs appropriate finance at different points along the journey for different reasons.

But understanding when, why and how to get finance can be almost as challenging, which is why the ICAEW and the British Business Bank have developed The Business Finance Guide.


Independent and free

The Business Finance Guide is a completely free and independent source of information on the forms of finance available to business owners, management teams and their advisers.

Being independent, it does not direct people towards individual providers of finance products, instead it takes you through an interactive tool and directs you to concise information about the finance options available to your business, and where you can find advice.

Start your business finance journey with The Business Finance Guide today



It’s designed to support businesses along every step of the journey, from starting out through to growth. It explains:

  • The finance options available to you
  • How to approach finance decisions, the questions you should ask and how to treat it as a business process
  • How to plan for growth and ensure your growth plan can be financed

And it also offers visitors inspirational and engaging content, including stories of real-life businesses across a range of sectors and at different stages in their journey, so you can learn from businesses that have been there and done it.

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Who’s behind The Business Finance Guide?

The Business Finance Guide is a collaboration between ICAEW and the British Business Bank, combining a wealth of knowledge from a world leading professional membership organisation and the UK’s economic development bank.

A Quick Introduction to The Business Finance Guide from British Business Bank on Vimeo.


ICAEW is a world-leading professional body established under a Royal Charter to serve the public interest. In pursuit of its vision of a world of strong economies, ICAEW works with governments, regulators and businesses and it leads, connects, supports and regulates more than 181,500 chartered accountants and students worldwide. ICAEW members work in all types of private and public organisations, including public practice firms, and are trained to provide clarity and rigour and apply the highest professional, technical and ethical standards.

The Corporate Finance Faculty is ICAEW’s centre of professional excellence in corporate finance. Its membership is drawn from major professional services groups, specialist advisory firms, companies, banks, private equity, venture capital, law firms, brokers, consultants, policymakers and academic experts. More than 40% of the faculty’s membership is from beyond ICAEW. The faculty contributes to policy development and many consultations by international organisations, governments, regulators and other professional bodies.


The British Business Bank is the UK’s economic development bank. Its mission is to make finance markets work more effectively for small businesses, enabling them to prosper and grow.

Its remit is to design, deliver and manage access to finance programmes on behalf of the UK government and is currently supporting more than £7.0bn of finance to over 91,000 smaller businesses (as at end of June 2019).


Together on the journey

Access to the right kind of finance at every stage in your growth journey enables businesses like yours to invest, grow and create jobs. That’s why the British Business Bank and ICAEW’s Corporate Finance Faculty, and partner organisations representing finance and business, have created the business finance guide.

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The Business Finance Guide

Download our comprehensive guide in PDF format allowing you to print and read at your leisure.